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  • About This Site


    Each page of this site contains 4 main sections:

    Top or Banner Navigation

    The top navigation consists of links to the sites accessibility features; text only / high contrasting version;  and other navigation.


    The header consists of the callcosts.ie logo.

    Left Hand Column or Main Navigation

    The Left Hand Column contains the main or primary navigation of the site,  together with the askcomreg.ie and comreg logos.

    Main Page Content Pane

    The main page content pane contains the information, text and imagery for the page that you are viewing. 

    Site Map

    You may also navigate the site by clicking on the Site Map.


    The callcosts.ie site contains two types of content:-

    • Mobile Calculator Content
    • Supplementary Content


    Mobile Calculator Content 

    These pages operate according to the pre-defined functionality explained in the how it works section.
    The tarriff or price plan information which drive these pages is updated by the operators to ensure that they are in line with their current offerings.

    Supplementary Information Pages

    The purpose of these pages is to give the site visitor information about how the calculator works and also to provide them with other relevant or related information about the calculator and the site. ComReg updates these pages as required. FAQs will be updated depending on the volume and nature of contacts to ComReg re the website.