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  • Choosing an Operator

    The choice of mobile operator is entirely up to you. However, when reviewing the results of the callcosts.ie price comparison, you should also take into account other factors other than price which, depending on your individual needs, may be of importance to you.  Some of these factors are listed below.  For more advice on these and other mobile issues you can contact your mobile operator or you may wish to visit New browser windowaskcomreg.ie


    Check with the operator that they have good quality coverage in your area.  You could also talk to friends and work colleagues to see if an operators coverage is suitable in the places where you use your mobile.


    When you are switching operator you may want to update your handset or a handset change could be required if for instance you are moving from a 2G to a 3G service.  The callcosts.ie comparison does not include handset costs so you should also check the costs of handsets. 

    Contract Commitments

    When signing up to a mobile service you generally commit for a minimum period. Its important to check what the contractual commitment is before signing up to any operator and always check your existing contractual obligation before switching tariff plans or switching operators as penalties may apply.   You should also check whether your phone needs to be unlocked if you are switching between mobile networks.

    Billing and Payment Options

    Another important consideration may be the ease at which you can pay any bills, or top up your mobile. You should check with your operator what payment options are offered and if additional charges apply if for instance, you want to pay by cash or it there are any discounts if you choose to pay by direct debit.

    Customer Service

    When you sign up to a mobile service you want to receive good quality ongoing customer care and you may want to ask the operator what their customer service commitments are before connecting to them.

    Using your mobile abroad (mobile roaming)

    When travelling abroad you can use your mobile in most countries. The costs for mobile roaming will vary significantly depending on the country you are in and the foreign mobile network that you use so check with the Irish mobile operator what rates are charged for destinations that are important to you.

    Availability of additional services

    You may be interested in other services such as online content, email and webtext so check if these are available and what charges, if any, apply for additional services that you will use.