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    The callcosts.ie website features personal/non-business price plans for all of the mobile operators in the Irish market.  All 3, Meteor, O2 and Vodafone price plans in this category are listed on callcosts.ie

    Services included on callcosts.ie

    The callcosts.ie website deals with pre-pay and and bill pay price plans and takes account of the following services:
    • calls to mobiles
    • calls to landlines
    • calls to voicemail
    • text messages (SMS)
    • picture messages (MMS)

    Within the above services you can also purchase add-ons such as additional texts or additional minutes for calls.  Call, text and picture message add-ons are presented in callcosts.ie and a note is included below the operators result if the calculation includes an add-on.

    For pre-paid price plans an operator may offer a discount if you top up by a certain amount - for example, 'Top Up by €20 and receive an additional 10% credit'.  If the cost comparison includes a top up discount, a note is included below the details of the operator's price plan on the results screen.

    What services are not included?

    The callcost.ie website deals with the majority of services that form part of operators' price plans. However, it has not been possible to include certain services such as:

    • International roaming
    • Content services such as sport, music, ringtone and gaming downloads
    • Data transmission charges
    • Premium rate calls and texts
    • Other calls such as calls to directory enquiries

    Certain features of existing price plans are not catered for by the calculator, mainly for reasons associated with modelling complexity and the need to keep the user interfaces for the calculator as simple as possible. These include:

    • a reduced O2 text messaging rate on prepaid price plans when you text users on non O2 networks at weekends
    • a reduced O2 voicemail rate at weekends
    • a reduced Vodafone rate on 'freinds for less' text messages.

    What about promotional offers?

    The mobile operators have a  set of standard price plans, however, from time to time they may also introduce temporary promotional offers such as reduced/free rates for calls and/or text messages.  One key consideration when evaluating a promotional offer is the long term value it offers. 

    In light of this, promotions will only be included in the cost comparison where they meet the following requirements:

    • the promotion should be generally available i.e. to all personal/ non-business users
    • the period for which the promotion is offered should last a minimum of 3 months
    • once the customer avails of the promotion within the 3 month period, then they must be entitled to avail of the promotional rate for a period of 3 months after end of the promotional period.