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  • How it works

    The callcosts.ie website provides you with a comparison of the cost of mobile phone price plans available in the market based on the details you enter regarding your mobile usage.  It is an indicative tool that may assist you in choosing a particular price plan, either with your existing provider, or indeed, a new service provider. When entering details regarding your usage of mobile services, consider what represents a typical monthly usage pattern.  It may also be useful to enter varied usage details for months when your usage changes (e.g. when on holidays). When choosing an operator remember to consider factors other than price that may be important to you, for example payment or Top Up options, roaming options etc. There are four simple steps to complete.

    Step 1: Enter details regarding your usage of mobile services

    This is the first step on the mobile calculator. You are asked to enter the following details:

    • when you make most of your calls
    • how many minutes you use
    • what percentage of these minutes called are to other mobiles
    • how many text and/or picture messages you use

    Once you have entered this information, you can choose to 'Get Results Now' or you can 'Enter More Detailed Usage' and refine your specific usage details.  Please note, before doing so you should read the model assumptions and the terms and conditions governing the use of the website as you you will be asked to indicate that you understand and fully accept them before moving to the next step.

    Step 2: Enter more detailed usage (optional)

    This is the second step on the mobile calculator (which is optional). Here you can see more detail as to how callcosts.ie uses the details you supplied in Step 1 and the model assumptions to generate a cost comparison. For example, the minutes you entered are distributed

    • across peak, off peak and weekend timeframes,
    • between landline and mobile networks
    • to voicemail
    • to preferred numbers

    Please note that you can change the information on this screen. For example, if you consider that you use more of your minutes at a particular time of day and/or call people on one network more frequently than people on other networks.

    Step 3: Get results

    This is the third step on the mobile calculator. However, you can also go here directly after completing Step 1 by choosing 'Get Results Now'. Step 3 provides you with a list of mobile price plans ranked according to their cost in lrespect of the usage details you entered. If you wish you can re-sort this information, for example by service provider or into pre-paid or bill pay tariffs.

    The results screen also provides a list of non price 'Plan Features' that may be of interest to you.  It is important to consider all features of a plan before choosing one.  Features here include customer service hours as well as payment and billing options.  If you want to look at the specific details on any of the tariffs featured in the results screen you can do this by clicking on the particular 'Tariff Name'. 

    Step 4: View the price plan

    This is Step 4 of the mobile calculator. Here you can look at specific details of an operator's price plan.  This page includes pricing, customer service and operator contact details as well as other relevant information.

    Whilst the website tries to capture important details about a price plan it is advised that you contact the operator directly with any further questions that you may have.