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    ComReg is aware that many consumers travelling abroad do not know the cost of using a mobile phone when they are travelling. Surveys undertaken by ComReg have indicated that Irish consumers who travelled abroad had limited knowledge of roaming costs. Without an awareness of prices, consumers cannot control their roaming costs and may incur charges that could otherwise be avoided.

    The distinguishing feature of a mobile phone is the ability to remain in contact without being confined to a specific location. If you plan to take your mobile phone when you travel abroad, you should be aware that generally you will pay more to use your phone than it would cost at home. As part of our role is to promote the interests of consumers, we have designed the information in these pages to give users a better idea of how much international roaming costs.

    Because of the many pricing plans and the range of pricing by different operators, this section can only provide a general overview. This section also provides advice and tips to minimise phone charges when abroad. For full information on all applicable charges and latest prices you should contact your mobile operator’s customer care department before travelling.

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